Kids costing ‘£68m in damages’

Parents are being warned of the cost of a clumsy teen as the school holidays are approaching.

Abbey reveals that with 73 per cent of UK families reporting a household item being broken or damaged by a child during the last ten years, the repair bills are mounting up to £68 million a year.

According to head of Abbey Insurance Lloyd Wilson, parents often find it a “nasty shock” when the time comes to pay for the damages.

Children between 11 and 15 years old were found to break the most household items, with crockery and glasses being the most prevalent victims.

However, 16 per cent of parents with offspring in that age group demanded compensation for the breakages, with the average cost adding up to £140.61.

“£140 or more to repair or replace broken items is no small amount to find,” remarked Mr Wilson. “So it’s worth making sure your insurance policy covers every item in your home for accidental damage.”

Last year, Halifax revealed that nine per cent of British parents have accidentally put children’s toys in the washing machine because they did not check clothing pockets.

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