James Bond Banking

Futuristic technology that would make standing in queues at the bank a thing of the past is becoming reality!

Voice recognition, eye and finger scanning, electronic swipe payments and even Chip & Pin means the world of James Bond isn’t so far away, according to MoneyExpert.com.

The latest developments in super high-tech banking though sounds just like something out of Mission: Impossible.

Finger vein authentication is a simple idea – everyone gets their fingers scanned and the unique pattern of their veins is stored on a database alongside their bank details. Once you’ve picked up the groceries you jump the queues and run your fingers under an infrared scanner and, hey presto, you’ve paid.

The people behind the idea say scanners only work if blood is pumping around your body – so unlike the films no baddies will be chopping off a finger to steal your money. The method of using parts of your body to identify you, called ‘biometrics’, is already used regularly by the world’s security services.

Watch this space – it won’t be long before putting a finger up to your bank manager might be just as acceptable as paying for goods without cash.

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