It is not a simple life for Paris

It’s no longer going to be a ‘Simple Life’ for Paris Hilton with the cancellation of her reality show. TV channel E! has ditched the programme because it’s ‘boring’ in comparison with her day-day life.

But with her screen fees cut, matters could worsen for the ex-lag party girl, as rumours that her granddad Barron Hilton – fed-up of her steamy home videos – is axing her £25 million inheritance.

The glam 26-year-old still has the earning power to pocket £50,000 a time for merely turning up at parties, but for for most of us, a double whammy which includes losing your job and potentially your inheritance is going to hit hard. has some tips to help you out of a sticky situation.

Although fees spring to mind when you think about credit cards, some can help you out. There are nearly 150 out there offering zero percent deals. Just be sure to choose a repayment plan that suits YOU.

Here are some of the most popular 0% Credit Cards:

Company Balance Transfer Typical APR (variable)
Virgin Money 0% / 15 months 15.9%
Barclaycard 0% / 14 months 14.9%
Halifax One Card 0% / 12 months 15.9%

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Of course if you’re financial stock is more towards the Paris Hilton end of the Richter scale then something more substantial than a credit card may be in order.

Home loans could be an option – these are taken with the value of your home used as security by the lender. They do allow you to borrow larger amounts over longer periods.

Here are some of the current most popular secured loans:

Company APR Typical APR
First Plus EXCLUSIVE MoneyExpert offer 6.3% 7.9%
Paragon Personal Finance Limited 7.5% 7.5%

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Another option are Payday loans. Admittedly they are only a short-term solution but mean you can borrow as little as £80 or as much as £1,000.
As the name suggests they’re usually repaid on your next payday, and you’ll be charged a set fee – generally around £25 for a £100 loan.Yep, interest rates don’t hit much harder, but as a one-off, they could save you from other, heavier fines.

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Here are some of the current most popular personal loans:

Company Typical APR (fixed) (homeowners only) 6.3%
Moneyback Bank 6.3%
Alliance and Leicester 6.4%

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If you need a short term fix for money worries, make sure you take the best available option by using MoneyExpert’s comparison service. Just click here to compare rates.

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