Internet banking ‘will get smarter’

Internet banking and online current accountservices will develop into personalised, tailored products as they grow in popularity, it has been claimed.

Online banking is going to become more common across all age groups as younger generations grow into adulthood, according to HSBC.

This will lead to “smart websites” that will adapt the content and services they offer to engage on a personal basis with as many of their customers as possible, a spokesman said.

Nick Staib, e-marketing manager at HSBC, said: “The next generation of Britain’s elderly are already using the internet for banking.”

He added: “There is the distinct possibility that the ‘one size fits all’ bank websites of today will soon be replaced by smart websites that adapt their content – such services, speaking directly to the needs of the customer, will be significantly more compelling.”

In related news, a recent survey by UK payments association Apacs – to coincide with the tenth anniversary of internet banking – found that over 18 million people in the UK use internet banking.

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