Insurance policies that are all the (road) rage

It’s not been the most spectacular start to the season for Lewis Hamilton and he could be forgiven for the odd emotional outburst, especially given all the pressure he’s under.

Nevertheless the Formula 1 ace has stayed remarkably cool, which is more than can be said for the UK’s drivers. New MoneyExpert research has found that one in six drivers have been the victims of road rage in the past 12 months.

Such incidents can obviously be highly unpleasant but could also have a serious financial implication with 300,000 drivers having had their cars damaged as a result of road rage confrontations. gives some top tips for those unlucky enough to be affected by road rage.

Car insurance for every eventuality

With competition rife in the car insurance market providers are keen to offer a solution for every possibility, and many now include road rage in that list. Sainsbury’s Bank pays up to £1,000 compensation if drivers are assaulted, and offer cover for road rage as part of their standard policies. estimates that around one in twenty fully comprehensive car insurance policies have specific allowance for personal injury caused by road rage. However, you’ll need to check the small print as many policies will have a number of exceptions and caveats. These can include anything from your causing the incident to your being related to the incident.

If things were really traumatic then the women-only insurer Sheila’s Wheels provide counselling services, with a 24 phone hot-line available.

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