Inner cities are uninsured driver hotspots

Certain areas of the country are much more likely to have uninsured drivers on the roads than others, it has been revealed.

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau says that the problem of motorists driving without car insurance is particularly apparent in urban areas.

The body identified several cities as having a serious problem with uninsured drivers, including Manchester, Birmingham and London.

A spokeswoman said the reason there are “uninsured hotspots” in the UK is probably because it is “a reflection of inner city life”.

She added: “Anyone who deliberately chooses not to insure their vehicle is irresponsible and selfish in the extreme – uninsured drivers are putting their own life at risk and also the lives of other roads users when they take to the road.”

Last year, police seized the vehicles of 78,000 drivers who were on the roads without car insurance.

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