Individuals ‘should manage their energy bills themselves’

People would be better off checking their own energy bill rather than relying on their provider to get it right.

That is the opinion of a spokesperson for the Consumer Credit Counselling Service, who noted that a little debt management would go a long way to saving money on household bills.

He remarked: “It would be fairly easy to overpay the bills if you are not keeping tabs on [your payments] especially if you are paying by direct debit as well.”

While some people may get confused by how complicated some charges can be, the source noted, a breakdown of the services provided should be on the bill.

Those that are not regularly keeping tabs on their utilities costs may be missing the opportunity to use the money saved for paying off other forms of debt, he added.

In recent news, the Energy Saving Trust stated that it should be made illegal to trade in homes that are not energy-efficient.

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