Importance of home insurance emphasised

Homeowners are putting their security at risk because they do not have home contents and buildings insurance to protect their belongings and properties, a study suggests.

Research by Sainsbury’s Finance reveals ten per cent of respondents do not have their home contents covered by insurance.

Some five per cent of homeowners do not have their buildings insured against damage, including from floods or storms.

Home insurance manager Neil Laird noted that bad weather was causing homeowners problems.

“Bad weather is increasingly the culprit when it comes to damage to homes and really highlights the importance of having adequate cover in place,” he said.

He added people should not delay putting a claim in if their home suffered damage.

The Environment Agency (EA) regularly produces updates for areas at risk from flooding and homeowners can minimise damage to their properties by taking action, such as putting out sandbags and moving items upstairs.

Coastal areas have been at recent risk from high spring tides combined with strong winds, a recent update warned.

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