IF continues with “great value” current account

Intelligent Finance (IF) has announced that it is passing on the 0.25 per cent rise in interest rates to its savings and Isa customers, while still offering “great value” on its current account.

Those looking to compare current accounts could benefit from IF’s option, which has an annual equivalent rate of three per cent.

It is not raising its debit fees or charges on the account, continuing to offer online and telephone banking and a £100 cheque guarantee facility.

In addition, customers may choose to use the account to form part of an offset plan, which could mean they pay less interest on an offset mortgage if they have one.

And this could be a useful tool, explains Mark Parker, managing director of IF, although many do not realise the potential benefits.

“Offsetting offers both long-term value and flexibility,” he continued.

IF also offers facilities such as personal loans, insurance and credit cards.

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