Identity theft accounts for nearly half of all bank account frauds

There were 153,100 cases of bank-account fraud in the first eight months of this year ñ and 47% of them were due to identity fraud.

Bank-account fraud is up 1.5 per cent on the same period last year, according to figures from CIFAS , the UKís fraud prevention service. And the breakdown for January to August shows that ID fraud is still criminalsí favoured method:
Identity Fraud: 72,204 cases. Includes cases of false identity and identity theft.

  • Misuse of Facility: 36,327 cases. Where an account, policy or other facility is used fraudulently ñ such as paying in false or altered cheques.
  • Application Fraud: 30,240 cases. This relates to applications with material falsehood (lies) or false supporting documentation ñ but where the name used is the fraudsterís own.
  • Facility Takeover Fraud: 14,393 cases. This occurs where a person unlawfully obtains access to an existing account holderís or policy holderís details, and fraudulently operates the account or policy for his own (or someone elseís) benefit.

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