Simon from Kent shares his story

ìBack in 2009, I was in debt with a couple of credit card companies, and was struggling to keep up my payments. In despair I contacted Immediate Financial (through MoneyExpert) and they put together a package for me to clear the debt that had stacked up.

ìAt first, I still got creditors ringing me up for money and sending me letters, but I just referred them onto Immediate Financial. Within a few weeks they all stopped. What a relief!”

ìI have just recently finished with my financial plan and have cleared all my outstanding debts ñ saving a massive 55%! I would like to say a huge thanks to my Client Liaison Officer who helped me with my plan and debts. I would highly recommend Immediate Financial to anyone.î

If you’d like to receive the same debt management help that Simon did, contact us today.

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