Hundreds of credit card details stolen and sold daily says investigation

Stolen credit card details of hundreds of people in the UK are being sold online every day by criminals, an investigation has revealed.

At least 400 sets of details, which are thought to typically be stolen by hackers from business records, are estimated to be traded every day.

Frequently the sales include Pins, three digit security codes and dates of birth alongside the credit card number.

They also often include corroborating information such as mothers maiden names , home and email addresses and phone numbers.

A credit card number alone is worth as little as $1 (60p), while a three digit security code adds $5.00. Additional info adds $10 and a card with Pin is worth $100.

The Times, which conducted the investigation, managed to trace details to two companies, neither of which was aware that their customer records had been targeted.

“These findings are disturbing and we will look at them very seriously,” said e-commerce minister Alum Michael.

Banks are tackling the problem themselves by providing unique credit card numbers for each transaction which become valueless once they have been used.

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