HSBC adds Gift-Aid to card donations

HSBC, which last November became the first UK cash machine operator to enable its customers to make donations through cash machines, has added Gift-Aid to its services.

The bank also announced that customers have donated a total £100,000 while using its cash machines since the scheme was launched.

Gift-Aid will now allow the charities that receive donations under the scheme to claim tax relief on the money they are given, allowing them to gain the best rate.

“We adopted charity donating from HSBC in Mexico where customers have been giving money to charity via cash machines since 2002,” said HSBC spokesman David Nibloe.

“The £100,000 given is an impressive total, which averages around £680 donated by all our customers every day

“Having listened to customer feedback, our cash machines now support immediate Gift-Aid for those tax payers wanting to make sure that Children In Need get the maximum benefit from their donations,” he added.

HSBC also recently announced that it will be extending its network of non-charging cash machines by 500 over 2006, and adding the option of topping-up mobile phone credit.

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