How to Make your Wages Last

Itís that time of month again. Only a week or two after your pay has arrived and already the wages are running low. With bills and other expenses constantly arriving on your doorstep it is no wonder that you are strapped for cash, but how can you make those wages last without turning to your plastic credit providing friends for assistance?

Nowadays once your wages enter your bank account they are remarkably like gold-dust: virtually impossible to locate! With direct debits and regular outgoings your bank account starts to resemble a weather-worn ship, tossed and turned repeatedly by the financially hostile seas.

Knowing how to make the most of your money and get your wages to do their intended job (and actually last the month) is therefore something of a scarcely possessed talent. Below are 3 top tips of how to make your wages last and prevent you from turning to those devilish monsters: credit cards.

1: Check Your Monthly Expenses
It seems like an obvious suggestion but you would be surprised at how many monthly expenses you are paying out without realising it. Consider cancelling any unnecessary subscriptions, such as magazines or gym subscriptions. Instead, borrow books and magazines from your local libraries and exercise at home. You can pick up cheap fitness DVDís if you need a structured regime to help you.

2: Be Ruthless with Spending
If finances are tight then making your wages last is going to mean cutting back on luxuries and watching your spending habits with the eyes of a hawk! Write a list of everything that you have brought unnecessarily: take-away food, clothes etc, and make a conscious effort to avoid repeating these mistakes in the future.

You could always ask a friend to go through your outgoings with you and even get them to help you budget your finances. Working on a day-day and week-week scale is the best way to make sure you have enough money to last the month, so put the effort in to make sure that you arenít left stranded come the middle of the month.

3: Plastic is NOT Fantastic
It may seem like a great solution at the time, but putting everything onto credit cards is not going to provide a long term solution for your money concerns. Your plastic friends are actually enemies and remember that the all important credit card bill will rear its ugly head at some point, putting you in an even worse position than before. If you budget your finances carefully for each week then there is no reason why your wages shouldnít last the month.

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