How to get freebies with your mobile contract

There are some great mobile contract offers on the market at the moment, and it is certainly worth investigating the free gifts and rewards many dish out as extras.

If your current mobile phone contract has run out and you are looking to renew it or compare other tariffs, then the free gifts or incentives can really add value to your new contract.

The main point to remember when investigating deals is to think about how long a contract you are prepared to be in. New rules which have recently been implemented have made 36 month contracts illegal, so the longest a consumer can be tied into a mobile phone contract is now 24 months.

With longer term contracts you are likely to get a cheaper monthly deal, however if your circumstances change and you no longer require the minutes or texts you receive, or require a lot more, then you are tied into the contract for longer.


One of the main reasons many people opt to take out a mobile phone contract is to afford one of the latest smartphones released on the market.

As the customer pays a monthly price over a set period, the phone is usually complementary, or only a small price is charged, which can be a lot cheaper than buying the handset on its own.

Another plus here is that at the end of most contracts, customers are eligible for an upgrade too, so they can change their smartphone depending on which is the best on the market, and not get left behind technology wise.


With many contract deals on the market, phone providers are becoming more competitive so consumers can reduce the monthly cost by opting for deals which offer discounts for a certain period.

Samsung Galaxy S 2

ï Customers can get a free Samsung Galaxy S 2 with a T Mobile 18 month contract offering 600 minutes and unlimited texts for £30.64 per month.  The contract however offers a £95 cash back redemption scheme where customers can claim vouchers at specific points in the contract and for each claim they will receive a cheque for £19.00.

Apple iPhone 4

If it is an Apple iPhone 4 you are after then check out the following deals:

ï For £45 a month on orange you can receive an iPhone 4 on their 18 month contract.  This entitles customers to 1200 minutes to any network and 500 texts.  The freebies on offer here are the Orange Wednesdays where customers can get 2 for 1 on cinema tickets.

ï A good alternative is offered by Vodaphone.  Their customers can receive an iPhone 4 on their 24 month contract, 600 free minutes and unlimited texts for £54 a month.  The discount on offer is 3 months half price using a specific voucher code, and 3 month half price line rental savings.

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