How can I keep costs down at the pumps?

The cost of living is soaring and the price of petrol is increasing on a regular basis. It can be difficult to keep costs down and many have changed their driving habits on order to save money.

New research has found that 1.3 million have been driven off roads by the increasing cost of motoring in the last 12 months.

Sainsburyís Finance released figures showing that 26% of drivers only fill up half a tank to save money, and that the average cost of running a car is 21% higher than last year.

Here are some quick tips on how you can save money on your fuel bill.

1. Find the cheapest in your area

There are many websites available which will help you find the cheapest local petrol station to you.  PetrolPrices is one website which identifies the most expensive and cheapest in your area, and then you have to register to find out the location of it. Once registered, it will list the cheapest in your area for unleaded, diesel, LPG and other fuels.

2. Drive Efficiently

By making minor changes to your car you could have a big impact on your petrol bill. During the summer, it might be tempting to have the air conditioning. However this uses up a huge amount of fuel and if turned off, could make the vehicle up to 8% more efficient. If you are driving in sweltering heat it could be more beneficial than having the windows open which causes the car to lag behind. Another tip is to only fill up the tank slightly, making the car lighter and allowing you to drive more efficiently.

3. Make Use of Offers

Most major supermarkets run offers and petrol promotion deals. Take advantage of this when doing your weekly shop as many have ëspend £50 get 15p off a litreí type of deals. Non supermarket petrol stations tend to offer loyalty cards and schemes which can be worth signing up to for deals and promotions.

4. Compare Car Insurance

There are so many different car insurance firms out there to choose from, itís worth checking  out what better deals could be had. Shop around for insurance and make use of offers like Money Expertís  £25 cashback deal when you switch your motor insurance.

5. Get Warranty Cover

Make sure youíre not caught short on the roads when to comes to warranty cover. To avoid unexpected bills compare cheat auto warranty .Peace of mind doesnít have to cost you the earth if you shop around for good warranty cover.

6. Affordable breakdown Cover

The last thing you want to do is fork out a load of cash for roadside assistance when stranded or involved in an accident.  Adequate breakdown cover will see you through this. Remember that you donít have to pay for more breakdown features than you need.  The most basic packages should offer roadside assistant, vehicle recovery to a local garage and onward transport. Additional extras such as personal cover and home start are features that you should weigh up to see if they are right for your circumstances.

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