How to Bag Yourself £500

If you could do with an extra £500, then read on, as this he amount of money available for any Brit ready to organise their finances to take advantage of the cash incentives currently on the market.

Santander Current Accounts

Santander is extending its offer of £100 cashback to customers who switch their current account to them.  This offer is available to customers who switch to either their Preferred Current Account or their Reward Current Account, where they also receive 5% AER fixed on their balances for the first 12 months of account opening.


The price of gas and electricity has risen to such an extent that it is almost unaffordable for some Brits, so it is worth seeking advice on what the best plan for you could be. 

According to some households could save as much as £300 on their energy bills by simply switching provider.  The comparison site gives consumers the option to call them for free advice on the best plan for their energy usage.

Credit Cards

The AA Credit Card enables shoppers to earn money and rewards on their everyday spending.  All card spending earns rewards, and double rewards are gained for spending on motoring, fuel and AA products.

These rewards can go towards vouchers to be spent on a variety of treats or exchanged for cashback.

While the Halifax All in One Credit Card is the perfect credit card for those looking for a card that offers a good introductory offer of 0% interest on both balance transfers and purchases ñ offering this for 12 months on both.

Pet Insurance

If your pet is costing you a fortune then take a look at the More Than Pet Insurance offer, where customers who apply online can enjoy a 20 percent discount.

The typical annual premium for a non-pedigree cat on this pet insurance is £47.04 but can be paid in monthly instalments, which if based on this figure would be about £3.92.  While for a non-pedigree dog the typical annual premium would be £53.28, and monthly instalments would work out at £4.44.

Car Insurance and Vehicle Warranty

Owning and running a car is also another expense that is draining our bank accounts.  The cost of fuel is higher than ever before and car insurance premiums continue to rise. 

It may be possible to get a cheaper car insurance policy through a different provider, and if you compare and switch via MoneyExpert and you could also receive £25 cashback just for using their services.

The offer also applies to customers who switch Vehicle Warranty via ñ with £40 cashback up for grabs, why switch anywhere else?


Virgin Media are offering customers the opportunity to save £50 off their broadband bill if they switch to them ñ however donít hang around with this one as it ends soon.

This web exclusive also entitles customers to a free installation which would normally cost £40 and costs from just £20 a month for the first 6 months, with free weekend calls and unlimited downloads available too on up to 30Mb superfast broadband.

All these cashback or money saving offers could see you earn £500, or even more depending on your credit card spending habits, so donít waste time thinking about switching financial products, do it now.

Saving can be made up of:

  • £25 car insurance
  • £40 warranty
  • £300 utilities
  • £50 virgin media
  • £100 santander current account
  • Total £515

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