Housing costs ‘damaging families’

The lack of affordable property in the UK has led to strains on families who are unable to live close to their relatives, a housing charity has revealed.

Family members in the UK are unable to live close to each other due to “soaring housing costs” according to housing charity shelter.

This is leading to problems including elderly parents being left to look after themselves and children having to live without the support of nearby family members.

Director of policy and campaigns at the organisation Kay Boycott said: “This is not just about the financial cost for people. Grandparents are missing out on precious time watching their grandchildren grow up, and many elderly people may not be getting the support they need.”

In the UK, some 398,000 people live in residential homes for the elderly – at an annual average cost of £24,492 for a single room and £35,000 for a bed in a nursing home.

Additionally, the high cost of housing has meant that of the 22 per cent of 18 to 34 year olds that still live with their parents, 45 per cent stated that they could not afford to purchase their own place.

Recently, the National Approved Letting Scheme noted that without private landlords offering a solution to housing, the sector would be experiencing significant difficulties.

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