House asking prices ‘on the rise’

Asking prices for UK homes rose by 4.1 per cent in 2009, according to data from property website Rightmove.

The firm noted that there had been an overall rise in the amount of money being requested by sellers over the year and after a dip in December, this figure jumped by 0.4 per cent this month.

Such a change has raised the average asking price to £222,261, with this figure not being seasonally adjusted.

Rightmove stated that now is a good time for sellers as stock levels are low.

Nearer the general election, however, the market will stagnate, causing the overall levels of asking price to stay flat over 2010 as a whole.

Those keen to get a mortgage may wish to buy at this time as they may have to pay less than would be the case later in the year, once the election has come and gone.

Under UK electoral law, the last possible date for parliament to be dissolved would be May 10th, in which case the vote would then take place on June 3rd.

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