Homes with sea views could face higher council tax

Homes near sea views or on conservation land could face higher council tax fees.

The Conservatives have said that the government is planning to levy higher fees on homes that have scenic views of the coast, are located on conservation areas or include large patios or open spaces.

But the agency responsible for council tax valuations has said that such features would not have an automatic bearing on council tax rises.

But Tory local government spokesperson Caroline Spelman said the proposals amounted to a “modern day windows tax,” comparing the scheme to an archaic law which taxed people on the basis of the amount of windows their house had.

She added: “it can only mean even higher taxes on hard-working families and pensioners.”

But the Valuations Office Agency bit back, claiming: “The banding for council tax is based on market value which takes account of a number of factors. Specific things like a sea view will only have a bearing if they have a significant influence on the overall value of the property.”

The opposition made the claims after obtaining documents from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

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