Homes at risk of falling into disrepair

More and more British homes are in danger of falling into disrepair as Brits are delaying much needed renovation work in an effort to save money.

Research has found that 39% of Brits have delayed home maintenance, or tried to fix the problem themselves, in a bid to cut costs.

And while delaying repair work saves money in the short term, the research revealed that the damage has left homes with a collective bill of almost £1.2 billion.

It was found that one out of five people who have neglected to have repair work done have experienced problems or unforeseen costs as a result.

The research, carried out by the AA Home Emergency Response Service, found that many Brits are taking it upon themselves to fix their homes.

It was found that 14% of people have carried out DIY repair work on their own home in the last year, where they would otherwise have employed a tradesman.

“As the struggling economy continues to hit people in the pocket, more and more people are putting off home maintenance and are letting their homes get into a state of disrepair,î said Tom Stringer, Head of AA Home Emergency Response.

ìMany homeowners seem to be mirroring the government’s drive for austerity but this can be a false economy as problems tend to get worse in the home if you leave them unresolved.î

Around three million cost-cutting homeowners have experienced problems as a result of their austerity measures, each spending an average of £398 trying to rectify the problem.

ìHome emergencies can prove expensive if homes are not maintained properly,î added Mr Stringer.

ìApart from keeping up their home maintenance properly, homeowners should look carefully at their home insurance policy and consider a stand-alone home emergency policy for peace of mind if they are not adequately covered.î

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