Homeowners ‘should create a budget’

People who are finding it tough to pay back their mortgages should ensure that they draw up a specific budget so that their problems are eased, it has been claimed.

The Consumer Credit Counselling service stated that many consumers have taken out too much money in terms of mortgage loans and this is where the difficulties began.

Moreover, spokesperson at the organisation Frances Walker noted, the general cost of living is also rising and this is something that is having an impact on the public.

A good proportion of people’s incomes are being used to pay for mortgages, she added, something that is merely making the situation worse.

“If you are then in difficulties and cannot make your mortgage payments, you have to go along to your mortgage company and show them your budget,” she asserted.

In 2007, 27,100 homes were repossessed in total, recent figures released by the Council of Mortgage Lenders stated.

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