Homeowners ‘put off’ repairs by crunch

The credit crunch has dissuaded many homeowners from carrying out important repairs on their properties because of the costs, according to one expert.

Managing director at property repairs company Aspect Maintenance William Davies remarked: “Without a doubt people are holding off from undertaking routine maintenance work for as long as they can.”

He warned that this could be a false economy, as the damage done by problems such as leaking water pipes could cost far more to fix if not dealt with early.

Those having difficulty affording repairs may wish to consider taking out a loan to get such problems fixed.

Figures from HomeServe revealed this week that 1.67 million people have had their flats damaged by leaking pipes in the past five years or seen it happen to their next-door neighbour.

In addition to this, 100,000 people have lived with a leaking toilet or cistern for a year or more.

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