Home energy efficiency recommendation made

It should be made illegal to trade homes that do not comply with energy efficiency targets, the Energy Savings Trust (EST) has argued.

Noting that when a house is made available for rent or sale an energy performance certificate is required under the Climate Change Act 2008, an EST spokesperson said: “The Energy Saving Trust is advising the government that it should not be possible to sell or rent a home that is F or G rated from 2015.”

Such a consideration may affect the price of some homes and be of interest to those seeking mortgages.

People who will need to improve their new home’s energy rating so they can sell it on after 2015 if the recommendation is adopted may wish to consider finding a finance package to do so.

Green finance packages may be made available for this purpose in the years ahead, the EST spokesperson remarked.

The new Act aims to lower Britain’s carbon emissions by 80 per cent from 1990 levels by 2050.

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