Home emergency call-outs could cost you £140!

Calling out a tradesman for an unexpected home emergency could cost you a staggering £140 according to new research.

Research from the AA found that those without home emergency cover could face a hefty bill for calling out emergency home services.

Many households are already paying the price for high electricity and could pay additional high fees to have it restored. The research found that emergency electricians are the most expensive people to call out.

The average price to call out an electrician is £76 across the UK! This figure dramatically increases to £92 for ëout of hours servicesí and more than £94 at weekends.

Homeowners in London and the South East face the highest call-out charges of up to £140 for these specialist requests. It does not end there either as roofing costs are also on the high end of the emergency scale. The average call out is £96 across the UK and the hourly rates are up to £45.

Tom Stringer, Head of AA Home Emergency Response, said; “Many homeowners don’t realise just how expensive even minor home emergencies can be, but with domestic disasters increasing in winter due to adverse weather and its knock-on effects, there’s every chance that many of them could find out in the coming months.

ìNot having a policy in place to cover the cost of home emergencies can be a false economy.”

It is advisable to check the small print of your home insurance policy to see if you are covered for emergencies. Compare home insurance with Money Expert.

Plumbing problems can cost consumers around £62 with hourly rates of £35. Those who need a locksmith face call out charges of £90 at weekends, with a possible 20% price hike for those who live within the M25.

Type of problem Average call-out charge
Roofing £96.67
Electrics £75.56
Locks £70.00
Drains £63.33
Plumbing £61.89

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