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Having problems selling your house in the current market?  Take a look at these practical tips to help you make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Keep it Clean and Tidy

While your home may seem perfect to you, potential buyers all have different opinions on decoration, cleanliness and what constitutes as tidy.

You need to tidy your house for the neatest of people and clean it for the most cleanliness, as you just do not know who is going to be looking around your home with the prospect of buying it.

Even if you think you have gone overboard with the cleaning, and your home is so tidy it seems like no one even lives there, this will not do you any harm.  Potential buyers often prefer to see a house in its most basic form so they can imagine how they would decorate it and how their furniture would look in the same space.


It is advised you keep the decor in your house as plain and as simple as possible.

Again, you are trying to sell your house to people you do not know and so you do not know what type of decorations they would like, so by keeping it fresh and clean looking they are more likely to see the potential of the house instead of being distracted by wallpaper they think is hideous.

While you do not want to spend a fortune on re-decorating, it is worth investing a bit of money into some basic re-decorating essentials to make your house more attractive to viewers.

 A lick of paint will instantly refresh tired looking walls ñ keep the colour neutral though.  Think about your furniture too ñ would a throw make an old settee look cleaner and more in tune with the rest of the living room?  Or could you add some warmer tones with some new cushions?

Show off its Potential

With the right decoration methods you can also help make certain rooms appear bigger or lighter than they actually are.

For example, a narrow room can easily be made to appear wider by hanging a large mirror on one of the walls.  Mirrors instantly make a room appear bigger and often help to create light.  Light furniture can also lift a dark room.

If you have potential buyers looking around the house in the morning then think about what you have for dinner the night before.  Something like fish could potentially leave a lingering smell which you may not even notice but is apparent to visitors.

Instead, you could try making your home appear comforting and homely by baking some cookies just before they arrive so the smell of baking enhances their viewing.

If it is winter then consider spending a bit more on electricity and gas for the times you have viewers around by having the heating on so the house feels warm and inviting.

However, if you are selling on a particularly hot day, consider buying a fan to place in certain rooms to make it cooler.


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