Hefty Home Insurance Price Rises Felt in Surrey

Home insurance premiums are rising most significantly in areas of Surrey and Scotland, a study shows.

The UKís postcode hotspots most affected by rising home insurance prices are Dorking in Surrey, Edinburgh and Milngavie, Glasgow.

Dorking residents will have seen their premiums rise by an average of 46 percent over the last 14 months, a leading money comparison site reveals, while Edinburgh and Milngavie showed similar increases, 45 and 40 percent respectively.

The study compared 3.4 million quotations revealing those in Dorking have seen their premiums rise from about £119 to £174 over the last 14 months.

The national average increase over this period is six percent in comparison, with postcodes in Greater London seeing the highest increases, representing five of the top twenty hardest hit areas.

Factors thought to be most likely to be causing the increase in prices include heightened cases of fraudulent claims and the cost of repairs from extreme weather damages, while an increase in crime levels is also attributed.

Britainís Gardens

In other research by RIAS, Great Britainís gardens were found to be worth £9.3 billion as green-fingered gardeners invest in the right tools and shrubs to keep their gardens looking pretty in summer.

Those in the South West and Wales were shown to spend the most on their garden, with the average household spending £284 per garden.  Households in the South East of England were shown to spend the second highest amount – £196.87 per year on average.

The research showed also that Scottish households are the most security conscious, as 56 percent of all their gardens are covered by general household insurance, or additional cover provided by their insurance provider.

ìItís this value of just over £5,000 per household that needs to be protected, with garden sheds becoming a treasure chest of gardening gadgets,î commented Janet Conner, RIAS, managing director.

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