Hard to get travel cover if you’re over 65, says Saga Personal Finance

Many travel insurers will refuse to cover drivers if they are over 65, said Saga Personal Finance.

Lisa Harris, group communications manager for the over 50s financial company, explained that some providers stop insuring people regardless of their state of health or claims history.

She said: “Unfortunately many providers have an arbitrary cut-off age on travel insurance which totally disregards the individual’s health.”

Even people who have used the same insurer for years may suddenly find themselves without cover when they hit 65, she added.

However, she advised that older travellers may find it easier to get single trip rather than annual cover. Insurers tend to believe older people’s health can change dramatically in a short period of time and are therefore less likely to provide cover for a year.

According to Age Concern, older people are refused cover on 92 per cent of insurance policies as they impose an upper age limit.

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