Hammond in a spin over car insurance

Richard Hammond’s most recent dice with death may have left his car insurers wondering whether it’s a risk worth taking allowing the diminutive Top Gear presenter to drive at all.

Hammond was racing a £100,000 BMW 330 DTi Sport with fellow presenters James May, Jeremy Clarkson and The Stig when lightning struck twice and he was involved in his second high-speed collision in the space of a year.

Hammond was famously nearly killed in a 288mph crash last year, but this time the shunt was harmless and the 38-year-old rejoined the Le Mans-style race later that day.

But it’s going to be wheelie expensive to insure a presenter who can’t steer straight.

Richard Hammond reportedly drives a Porsche 911 – a new one would set you back around £70,000. A 38 year old married man living in London would pay around £3,200 a year in insurance premiums for comprehensive cover on a car like that – and that’s without a previous history of rocket-fuelled, death defying crunches.

There are plenty of factors to affect your car insurance premiums, including where you live, your previous driving history, security on the car and even your age, and none of these play in the Hamster’s favour.

He lives in London (one of the most expensive areas of the country for insurers), he drives a Porsche (not the most sensible of vehicles) and has now managed to crash a car twice in a year. Both times at high speed.

We reckon that could triple his car insurance premiums to a hefty £9,000 a year – that’s £24 a day just to sit behind the wheel.

Other factors affecting your car insurance include:

  • The type of car you drive – the more expensive it is the higher the premiums you can expect to pay
  • The security devises it has
  • Where it is parked when it is not being used
  • Where you live
  • How many miles you drive each year. If you use your car a lot, you can expect to pay higher premiums
  • Your age. Younger motorists aged 25 and under for example, have more accidents and make more claims so their premiums are higher
  • How you pay – if you pay by Direct Debit, MoneyExpert.com research shows you could pay as much as £182 more for the privilege. Click here to read more about Direct Debit costs.

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