Halifax begin tracing dormant account holders

Halifax building society has said it is holding around £44 million in forgotten savings which it will be attempting to return to its rightful owners.

The building society said the figure is an estimate based on amounts held in accounts with them that have not been touched in 15 years or more.

Halifax is taking various steps to reunite the money with its owners, such as posters in branches and a leaflet campaign.

Last year, the government announced plans to seize such forgotten sums in order to fund community projects nationwide.

“We expect that the government will launch its dormant account scheme in the next few years,” HBOS head of savings Mike Regnier said.

“We are launching our reunification campaign today so that we have as much time as possible to get the cash back to its owners.”

According to the BBC, it has been estimated that the total amount of unclaimed funds across Britain as a whole may run to £15 billion.

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