Green fingers worth £8,000 says survey

Tidying up a messy garden could add up to £8,000 to the cost of the average home claims new research, but most homeowners do not bother.

Up to two thirds of all homeowners who moved in 2005 missed out on the premium because they did not exercise their green fingers, claims MasterCard.

This is despite almost half of all adults in the UK claiming that they are “active” gardeners.

“Gardens are becoming an increasingly important part of the home and as such, their value is also increasing,” said television gardener Diarmuid Gavin.

“For the first time, we have proof that pulling on your wellies and getting your hands dirty can not only make you healthier, fitter and happier, it can also make you richer.”

According to MasterCard, every £100 spent on a garden has the potential to yield returns of £350 on the average cost of a property, with popular features adding even more.

Decking can add £2,500 to the cost of a property, and a water feature can boost the price an extra £1,495.

A well installed patio adds up to £2,100 while landscaping can add up to £6,200. This compares to a new bathroom (£1,600) or kitchen (£2,400).

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