Government credit cards used for flying lessons and doughnuts

Details of government spending have been published, with some intriguing results. Items such as iTunes accessories, doughnuts, flying lessons and taxi journeys have been put on government credit cards by members of the Coalition government since they took power last year.

Credit card lenders often encourage borrowers to use cards for everyday items, and it appears the government has been doing just that.

Whilst their list of everyday items may include luxury hotels, flying lessons and orthopaedic equipment, records show they are racking up serious bills on their credit cards.

The records revealed that one government official spent £1,335.65 for ìflying trainingî in May, and another spent £616.28 to a Flying School in August.

These details have emerged just weeks after Prime Minister David Cameron urged the nation to pay off their credit card and store debts. At last monthís Conservative party conference, the PM urged the British public to ëdeal with the debtsí.

Speaking to the Telegraph, A DfT spokeswoman said; ìA valid pilot’s licence is required by a number of inspectors employed by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch as part of their work. This requires regular training to ensure these licences remain up-date.î

Whilst a ëvalid pilotís licenceí might be classed as important by government staff, how important can cakes and doughnuts really be?

Those at the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) spent £172.70 at The Cake Store in July and prior to that £54.30 at Krispy Kremes in March.

Those with a more savoury pallet, from the same government agency, spent £247.74 at Dominos and a further £157.88 at Marks & Spencer.

The records published a mass material on procurement card transactions over £500 this financial year. When it comes to small-scale spending, those at the agency also spent £11.99 on iTunes.

Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maudeís insistence that there should be tighter controls for the use of the cards (such as a crackdown on first class travel) had brought spending on cards down by £45 million to £341 million in the first year of the coalition government.

Bu whilst the government puts £4,000 worth of orthopaedic kit on credit, what would you consider putting on credit?

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