Government announces plans to raise motorway speed limit

The Government has announced plans to raise the national motorway speed limit from 70 mph to 80 mph.

The Transport Secretary claims that an increased speed limit will help to boost the economy. In an effort to bring Britain out of a huge financial deficit and billions of pounds worth of debt, the motorway speed limits could be increased.

ìNow it is time to put Britain back in the fast lane of global economies and look again at the motorway speed limit which is nearly 50 years old, and out of date thanks to huge advances in safety and motoring technology,î said Transport Secretary Philip Hammond.

The ëfast lane of global economiesí is currently experiencing congestion and the UK government is stuck in traffic, wasting petrol and time when it could already be at its destination doing something productive.

Mr Hammond said they would launch a consultation later this year on the matter, with a view to introducing the new limit in 2013.  

ìIncreasing the motorway speed limit to 80 mph would generate economic benefits of hundreds of millions of pounds through shorter journey times. So we will consult later this year on raising the limit to get Britain moving,” continued Mr. Hammond.

The Department of Transport suggests that raising the limit to 80 mph could save consumers millions of pounds with shorter journey times. It is widely known that driving at high speed uses up more fuel, ultimately increasing fuel consumption and causing motorists to spend more filling up.

However, it is also widely known that almost half of drivers fail to abide by the 70 mph speed limit and police often turn a blind eye to motorway speeding.

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The 70mph speed limit was introduced in 1965 to reduce the number of road deaths. Now in 2011, the government argues that cars are significantly safer since then as there has been a 75% drop in the number of people killed ever year on British roads.

What do you think? Should motorway speed limits be increased to 80 mph?

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