Go green with George – but drive a hard bargain

George Clooney is doing his bit for the environment by becoming a director of a new environmentally-friendly Swiss energy company. He’ll sit on the board of the firm which is run by Swiss billionaire Nicholas Hayek the chairman of watch company Swatch Group.

Mr Hayek admits he wasn’t sure whether to invite George Clooney or former US vice-president Al Gore to become a director which might lead some to think the job is a bit of a publicity stunt – and if it is – it is one that’s definitely worked.

But green issues are all the rage and they are starting to make a real impact on the car industry and on motor insurance. However like George’s job you have to wonder whether it’s all hype.

MoneyExpert.com helps you work out whether going green will help you save money on your motor and save the planet..

Green marketing ploys

Insurer Direct Line reckons many discounts offered by insurers to drivers of eco-friendly cars are just marketing ploys.

It claims the offers grab the headlines but in reality don’t have any substance or make any difference to the way motorists should shop for car insurance.

Generally green cars should be cheaper to insure as they are not high-performance cars or as expensive as supposed gas-guzzlers such as 4x4s and sports cars.

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Eco-friendly cars tend to be driven by people in their 30s or 40s who are safe drivers. And safe drivers who don’t do a lot of miles each year will qualify for cheaper insurance.

The advice remains that you should always shop around for the best deal by using a comparison service such as MoneyExpert.com.

Save the planet

Online broker Climatesure is offering a percentage of the price of every policy bought through it to the company Climate Care which operates carbon-offsetting products.

If you own a hybrid car such as the Toyota Prius then the payment to Climate Care will be less as it is less damaging to the environment than a gas guzzler.

An average driver with a family car such as a Ford Mondeo will see about 10% of their premium go towards offsetting their emissions.
Climatesure said the offsetting would not cost customers more, because the panel of insurers offering cover through the scheme are offering better deals on policies than are available elsewhere.

Saving money

A couple in their sixties driving a Toyota Prius are quoted a premium of £162 a year through Climatesure compared with a cost of £164 from the AA and £175 from Direct Line.
However, premiums are high for less "green" cars. Climatesure quotes £803 a year for a couple with a Lexus, less than Norwich Union Direct and the AA, but cover is available for £675 at Direct Line.
Among the insurers offering policies through Climatesure are Axa, Norwich Union and Groupama.

Shopping around

Green cars are just one factor to take into account when buying insurance. In reality the advice remains the same no matter what you drive or how you drive.

Saving the planet is possible if you use a service such as Climatesure but generally you need to think about factors such as your age, how far you drive a year, where you live and whether you park in a garage or on the street.

Going green is good for the planet and walking more is good for your health. Just make sure you always shop around as much as possible when buying insurance.

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