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The Bank Holiday weekend is here again and it’s half-term time for many schools across the country. And the great Bank Holiday tradition of traffic jams and travel chaos is set to take off as more than two million of us flee the country for somewhere sunnier.

The weekend getaway is picking up as more and more of us take off for foreign trips. Government figures show we take around 42 million holiday trips a year as a country.

For many of us the old habit of two weeks in the sun once a year is long gone as we take at least two and possibly more foreign trips a year.

Whether it’s a weekend away with a partner or a stag or hen trip we’re all going abroad a lot more.

We’re still however flying off without travel insurance – around 10 million trips a year are reckoned to be uninsured. But with the price of travel insurance policies dropping every year there’s no real excuse.

Price is right but the policy could be wrong

Some single trip policies cost as little as £5.50 for a week in Europe so they really are cheap as chips. But single trip policies – as the name says – only cover you for one trip.

And if you’re going away more than once in a year then you should start looking at annual travel insurance. It might sound like a lot of money to spend and you might feel that it’s a risk you won’t get value for money.

But analysis shows that single versus annual travel insurance is not quite as cut and dried.

Once a year analysis shows the average single trip premium for a family of four going to Europe for a week is £42.86.

Only around one in 10 travel insurance policies will charge families of four less than £20 for a week’s trip to Europe. Some policies charge as little as £5.50 but in general the advice on travel insurance is that you get what you pay for.

Remember that if the price sounds too good to be true it probably. Travel insurance genuinely can be too cheap.

The worry is that if it costs so little it won’t pay out when you need it to or that the insurer is not making enough money on the policy in order to be able to survive.

All year round

The cost of annual travel insurance for a family of four going to Europe is on average £113.86.

So if a family goes away for more than three weeks a year it can be worth getting annual cover. And of course annual cover works for the whole family.

The cheapest annual travel insurance is however as little as £35 for a family of four so it can be cheaper to get annual travel insurance than it is to get single trip insurance.

What do you look for?

Quality of cover is what counts – not just the price. You can save a few quid by buying the cheapest available but that can cost you in the long-run if it comes time to make a claim.

You only find out if an insurance policy is good value for money when you make a claim – if it doesn’t pay out when you need it then it’s a waste of money.

How to save and not lose

Look out for online discounts from insurers. If you buy over the internet some firms will offer you money off and that can cut your bill without cutting the value of your policy. can help you find the best travel insurance policies and you can buy straight away. But check what you’re covered for. And enjoy your trip.

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