George gets on his bike and into the ER

The wheels nearly came off more than just George Clooney’s smooth image when he crashed his vintage Harley Davidson, with stunning girlfriend Sarah Larson on the back.

The loved-up pair were cruising through New Jersey when they collided with a 1999 Mazda Millenia. The driver of the car claims Clooney tried to overtake him from the right – that’s the wrong side in the US – and if that’s true, Gorgeous George could face charges of reckless driving.

Aside from driving under the influence of drink or drugs – in the style of Mike Tyson, who’s recently pleaded guilty – there couldn’t be much worse for George’s insurance premiums if he’s found guilty.

He’ll already be paying a hefty sum to insure his beloved Harley, but the figure could double if he’s charged. For those of a four wheels good, two wheels bad persuasion, the same applies, but while there are a whole lot of other factors that can set your payments climbing, there are ways to lessen the blow. is here to help..

Location, location…

Where you leave your car can have a significant impact on the amount you pay. London, predictably, is right up there with the most expensive locations, with Birmingham and Manchester closely behind.

Relocation to the country for the sake of cheaper car insurance may seem a drastic move. If you are tied to the city then simply finding an off-road parking spot for your car, or, even better, getting it inside a garage, could reduce the cost of your insurance by a considerable amount.

It pays to pay once

With car insurance proving a heavy burden it can be tempting to spread the cost across the year with direct debit payments. While this can help to organise your finances, many insurers will charge a fee for the risk they take of insuring you without actually having all your cash. A typical fully comprehensive premium of around £850 could rise to as much as £1,100 if you choose to spread the payments.

If you can pay in one go and pay online, then it gets even better, as many insurers offer discounts of five percent or more for online purchases.

Shop around

Despite appearances, insurance companies do see drivers as more than a block of numbers on a balance sheet and offer policies for targeted at different groups. Some focus primarily on safe drivers or women, and others cater only for drivers of a certain age.

If you find a policy specifically targeted to your age, sex, or driving habits then you’re set to make some savings.

What else

You can cut your costs even further by:

  • Getting security devices fitted to your car
  • Adding ‘safer’ (often older) named drivers to your policy
  • Driving less!
  • Increasing the voluntary excess you pay on claims – that is, the amount you pay each time you claim before the insurer starts to pay out
  • Drive a cheaper / slower car

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