Fund Sin Bin June 2007

  • Do you have any poor performing funds in your portfolio?
  • June’s Sin Bin highlights 325 funds behaving badly!
  • Check your funds against our up-date list below…

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MoneyExpert in association with SFS Invest Direct has analysed all available performance data on UK registered OEICs and Unit Trusts in order to compile a list of under-performing funds. Basically, these are funds that are below their sector average and have been each and every year over the last 3 consecutive years. We would consider these funds to be of low quality and would therefore suggest that investors review them.

If you have an investment that appears on the fund list you might like to consider a fund switch as sitting tight and doing nothing could continue to cost you £s. Switching through MoneyExpert in association with SFS Invest Direct is a simple and cost-effective way to improve the performance potential of your portfolio.

  1. Abbey National Balanced Portfolio Growth
  2. Abbey National Multi-Manager Growth Acc
  3. Abbey National N&P UK Growth
  4. Abbey National UK Growth Acc
  5. Aberdeen Cash Inc
  6. Aberdeen UK Emerging Companies A Acc
  7. AEGON Global Equity Acc A
  8. AEGON Technology Acc A
  9. Allianz PIMCO Gilt Yield A
  10. Allianz PIMCO Sterling Total Return A
  11. Allianz RCM Continental European A Acc
  12. Allianz RCM European Index Acc
  13. Allianz RCM UK Equity A Acc
  14. AXA Cautious Managed R Inc
  15. AXA Framlington Financial
  16. AXA Framlington Gilt Acc
  17. AXA Framlington Multimanager Cautious Income Acc R
  18. AXA Framlington Multimanager Income Inc R
  19. AXA UK Equity Income Inc R
  20. AXA UK Growth Acc R
  21. Baillie Gifford British ex-Tobacco Equity B
  22. Baillie Gifford Income A Inc
  23. Baillie Gifford Managed Inc A
  24. Bank of Ireland British & Overseas
  25. Bank of Ireland Exempt Managed
  26. Baring BAM Emerging Markets I
  27. Baring Global Bond
  28. Baring Global Growth
  29. Baring UK Smaller Companies
  30. Beech
  31. Brand
  32. CAF Bond Income
  33. CBF Church of England Fixed Int Securities Inc
  34. CF 7IM Moderately Cautious A Acc
  35. CF Canlife Balanced Acc
  36. CF Canlife Bond Inc
  37. CF Canlife General Inc
  38. CF Canlife Gilt & Fixed Interest Inc
  39. CF Canlife Growth Inc
  40. CF Canlife Japanese Growth Acc
  41. CF Canlife North American Inc
  42. CF Canlife UK Smaller Companies Acc
  43. CF Church House UK Growth
  44. CF Global Equity Acc
  45. CF Greenaway
  46. CF Heartwood Balanced Growth Acc
  47. CF KB Albert Acc
  48. CF KB Feelgood Acc
  49. CF KB Gorthleck Acc
  50. CF KB Hawthorn Acc
  51. CF KB Ilex Acc
  52. CF KB Imperial Acc
  53. CF KB Lancastrian Inc
  54. CF KB Paradise Acc
  55. CF KB Ramogan Acc
  56. CF Miton Strategic Portfolio A
  57. CF Ruffer Pacific O Acc
  58. CF Villture
  59. CF Walker Crips Global Growth Acc
  60. Chariguard Fixed Interest
  61. Charinco Inc
  62. Charities Bond Fund
  63. Christows Managed Growth A
  64. Christows Worldwide Growth A
  65. CIS European Growth Trust
  66. CIS UK FTSE4Good Tracker Trust
  67. Clerical Medical Balanced Managed
  68. Close Beacon Investment
  69. Close World Escalator 95
  70. COIF Charities Fixed Interest
  71. Coutts Cont Europe Programme S3 Income
  72. Coutts North American Equity Programme S3 Income
  73. Credit Suisse Asia Pacific Ex Japan I
  74. Credit Suisse European Retail
  75. Credit Suisse Global (Ex-UK) Fixed Income I
  76. Credit Suisse Multi Manager Asia Pacific Acc
  77. Credit Suisse Multi Manager Cash Acc
  78. Credit Suisse Multi Manager Ethical Acc
  79. Credit Suisse Multi Manager UK Income Acc
  80. Credit Suisse Orient Retail
  81. Credit Suisse Worldwide Growth Retail
  82. Dimensional Global Short Dated Bond Acc
  83. Drygate
  84. EFA James Brearley Premium Growth Trust
  85. Elite Income Plan Cash Trust
  86. Enceladus
  87. engage High Income Inc
  88. F&C Blue
  89. F&C Emerging Markets 1 Acc
  90. F&C European 1 Acc
  91. F&C Global Bond 1 Inc
  92. F&C Institutional European 4 Inc
  93. F&C Managed Distribution 1 Inc
  94. F&C Progressive Growth 1 Acc
  95. F&C UK Equity 1 Acc
  96. F&C UK Equity Income 1 Inc
  97. Family Regency
  98. FF & P Core UK Equity
  99. FF & P European Equity
  100. FF & P European Growth Equity
  101. FF & P UK 350 Equity
  102. FF & P US Large Cap Equity
  103. Fidelity Inst UK Acc
  104. Fidelity UK Growth
  105. Fidelity Wealthbuilder Target 2010
  106. Fidelity Wealthbuilder Target 2015
  107. First State Global Growth A
  108. Franklin Biotechnology A Acc
  109. Franklin Corporate Bond A Acc
  110. Franklin US Equity A Acc
  111. GAM Multi-UK Acc
  112. Gartmore European Growth Acc
  113. Gartmore UK & Irish Smaller Companies Acc
  114. Gartmore UK Bear Inst Acc
  115. Gartmore US Bear Inst Acc
  116. Gulland
  117. Halifax European C
  118. Halifax Special Situations C
  119. Halifax UK Equity Income C
  120. Halifax UK FTSE 100 Index Tracking C
  121. Halifax UK FTSE All-Share Index Tracker C
  122. Halifax UK Growth C
  123. Henderson Asia Pacific Capital Growth A Acc
  124. Henderson Enhanced Sterling Liquidity Retail
  125. Henderson European A Acc
  126. Henderson Industries of the Future A Inc
  127. Henderson International A Acc
  128. Henderson Overseas Bond A Inc
  129. Henderson UK Gilt A Inc
  130. Hiscox New Street Insurance Portfolio Inc
  131. HSBC Ash
  132. HSBC Balanced Inc
  133. HSBC Blue Chip
  134. HSBC Common For Income
  135. HSBC European Growth Inc
  136. HSBC FSAVC Gilt & Fixed Interest
  137. HSBC FSAVC Money Market
  138. HSBC FSAVC North America
  139. HSBC Greater China Inc
  140. HSBC Income Fund of Funds Acc
  141. HSBC Income Inc
  142. HSBC Palm
  143. HSBC PPP Gilt & Fixed Interest
  144. HSBC PPP Money Market
  145. HSBC PPP North American
  146. HSBC UK Smaller Companies Inc
  147. IdB Balanced Growth Acc
  148. Insight Investment Asia Pacific Equity Acc
  149. Insight Investment Equity High Income
  150. Insight Investment European Equity Acc
  151. Insight Investment UK Equity Acc
  152. Insight Investment US Equity Acc
  153. Invesco Perpetual European Growth Acc
  154. Invesco Perpetual Japanese Smaller Companies Acc
  155. Invesco Perpetual US Aggressive
  156. Invesco Perpetual US Equity Acc
  157. Invesco Perpetual US Smaller Companies Inc
  158. Investec Global Bond A Inc Net
  159. Investec Global Technology A Acc
  160. JPM Global A Acc
  161. JPM Global Financials A Acc
  162. JPM Premier Equity Income A Inc
  163. JPM UK Bond A Inc
  164. JPM UK Equity and Bond Income A Inc
  165. JPM UK Equity Income A Acc
  166. JPMorgan PIC Diversification
  167. JPMorgan PIC Optimum 2003 B
  168. Jupiter Preference Acc
  169. L&G (Barclays) Adventurous Growth Portfolio Trust
  170. L&G (Barclays) Cautious Portfolio
  171. L&G (Barclays) Growth Portfolio (D)
  172. L&G (Barclays) MM UK Equity Inc (Series 2) A Inc
  173. L&G (Barclays) MM UK Lower Cap (Series 2) A Inc
  174. Lazard International Equity Retail Inc
  175. Legal & General (A&L) European Growth
  176. Legal & General (Barclays) Combined Income
  177. Legal & General (Barclays) Monthly Income
  178. Legal & General Distribution Trust R Acc
  179. Legal & General Global 100 Index Trust R Inc
  180. Legal & General Global H & P Trust R Inc
  181. Legal & General Japanese Trust E Inc
  182. Legal & General UK 100 Trust E Acc
  183. Legg Mason Strategic Bond
  184. Liontrust Intellectual Capital Trust
  185. Lord Abbett Global Growth & Income A Inc
  186. M&G Charibond A Inc
  187. M&G European Smaller Companies A Inc
  188. M&G Gilt & Fixed Interest Income A Inc
  189. M&G Income A Inc
  190. M&G International Sovereign Bond A Inc
  191. M&G Japan A Inc
  192. Marks & Spencer Worldwide Managed Acc
  193. Melchior European Opportunities EUR A
  194. Merrill Lynch Global Bond Inc
  195. Merrill Lynch Global Titans Inc
  196. Merrill Lynch Overseas Acc
  197. MFM Hathaway Inc
  198. MLC Balanced Portfolio
  199. MLC Cautious Balanced Portfolio
  200. MLC Conservative Portfolio Inc
  201. MLC Diversified Bond Portfolio
  202. MLC Global Equity
  203. MLC Growth Portfolio
  204. MLC High Income Inc
  205. Morgan Stanley Europe (Ex UK) Equity A Acc
  206. Morgan Stanley Global Value Equity A Acc
  207. Morgan Stanley Sterling Corporate Bond A Acc
  208. Morgan Stanley UK Equity A Acc
  209. Morgan Stanley UK Index-Linked A Acc
  210. MT Growth
  211. Nationwide Balanced Acc
  212. Nationwide Corporate Bond-Pen
  213. Nationwide UK Growth
  214. NatWest Balanced Inc
  215. NatWest Cash
  216. NatWest Extra Income
  217. NatWest High Yield
  218. NatWest International Growth
  219. NatWest Sterling Bond S2
  220. New Star Japan A
  221. New Star Money Market
  222. New Star Monthly Income Inc
  223. Newton Higher Income
  224. Newton Japan
  225. Newton Strategic Corporate Bond
  226. NFU Mutual Gilt and Corporate Bond A
  227. Norwich Corporate Bond SC A
  228. Norwich European Equity SC A
  229. Norwich Higher Income Plus SC A
  230. Norwich Managed High Income SC 1
  231. Norwich Sustainable Future Corporate Bond SC 1
  232. Nucleus Growth
  233. Nucleus Opportunities
  234. Nucleus UK Growth
  235. Pendennis ICVC
  236. Portfolio FSAVC Deposit
  237. Portfolio P Deposit
  238. Portfolio P Gilt & Fixed Interest
  239. Premier High Income Bond
  240. Prudential Cash Haven Trust Inc
  241. Prudential Equity Income Trust A
  242. Prudential European Trust
  243. Prudential Global Balanced Trust
  244. Prudential International Growth Trust
  245. Prudential UK Growth Trust A Inc
  246. PSigma UK Income & Growth
  247. Rathbone Ethical Bond Acc
  248. ResolutionAsset European Growth Inc
  249. ResolutionAsset Managed Trust
  250. Rothschild PIC Midway – A2002
  251. Royal Bank of Scotland Balanced
  252. Royal Bank of Scotland Cash
  253. Royal Bank of Scotland Extra Income
  254. Royal Bank of Scotland High Yield
  255. Royal Bank of Scotland International Growth
  256. Royal Liver Stockmarket Protecta
  257. Royal Liver UK Fixed Interest
  258. Royal London Cash Trust
  259. Royal London Far East Growth Acc
  260. Royal London North American Growth
  261. Rusa
  262. Sackville Balanced Portfolio
  263. Schroder Charity Fixed Interest Acc
  264. Schroder Institutional European Inc
  265. Schroder Institutional Growth Acc
  266. Schroder Institutional Specialist UK Equity Acc
  267. Schroder Institutional UK Smaller Companies Inc
  268. Schroder Medical Discovery Inc
  269. Schroder Strategic Bond Acc
  270. Scottish Mutual Cautious Acc
  271. Scottish Widows American Growth A Acc
  272. Scottish Widows American Select Growth A Acc
  273. Scottish Widows Balanced Portfolio A Acc
  274. Scottish Widows Cash A Acc
  275. Scottish Widows Dynamic Income A Acc
  276. Scottish Widows Gilt A Acc
  277. Scottish Widows Global Growth A Acc
  278. Scottish Widows Global Select Growth A Acc
  279. Scottish Widows High Income Bond A Acc
  280. Scottish Widows International Bond A Acc
  281. Scottish Widows Opportunities Portfolio A Acc
  282. Scottish Widows Overseas Fixed Int Tracker I Acc
  283. Scottish Widows Progressive Portfolio A Acc
  284. Scottish Widows Strategic Income A Acc
  285. SG Balanced Managed Retail Acc
  286. SG Global Emerging Markets Retail Acc
  287. SG International Bond Retail Acc
  288. SG UK 350 Prof Acc
  289. SG UK Smaller Companies Retail Acc
  290. SG UK Specialist 350 Retail Acc
  291. Singer & Friedlander Preferred Income R
  292. Skandia Actively Managed Bond Income
  293. Skandia MultiManager UK Securities Acc
  294. Skandia Specialist American
  295. Skandia Specialist Continental European
  296. Skandia Specialist European Equity
  297. Skandia Specialist Gilt
  298. Skandia Specialist Sterling Bond
  299. Smith & Williamson Langham
  300. Solus MM International A Acc
  301. St James’s Place Corporate Bond Acc
  302. St James’s Place Tracker Acc
  303. Standard Life Inv Cash Acc
  304. SWIP Global A Acc
  305. SWIP Global SRI A Acc
  306. Threadneedle Defensive
  307. Threadneedle Defensive Equity & Bond
  308. Threadneedle European C1
  309. Threadneedle Global Healthcare C1
  310. Threadneedle Navigator Cautious Managed Acc
  311. Threadneedle Navigator Growth Acc
  312. Threadneedle Navigator Income Inc
  313. Threadneedle Sterling Bond C1
  314. Threadneedle Strategic Bond C1
  315. Tilney UK Fixed Interest 1
  316. TU British
  317. UBS Global Optimal Acc A
  318. UBS Managed Acc A
  319. UBS Resolution Fixed Interest
  320. UBS Resolution International
  321. Unicorn UK Smaller Companies A Inc
  322. United Service Charitable Income
  323. Virgin Income Trust
  324. Virgin Pension Income Protector
  325. WAY Professional Global Growth Portfolio

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