Fuel prices ‘drive motorists mad’

Motorists across the UK have cited the cost of fuel as the biggest problem when it comes to driving, claims Barclays Personal Loans.

According to the company’s research, a quarter of UK drivers said it was their biggest peeve but this figure rose to over a third in some parts of Wales.

“With petrol and diesel above £1 in most place, it is perhaps surprising that three quarters of motorists can find some other aspect of driving that drives them more mad than fuel prices,” said Gary Duggan, managing director for Barclays Personal Loans.

Other grievances included problems with other drivers, traffic jams and poor-quality of roads.

Two per cent of those surveyed had no complaint whatsoever to do with driving in the UK and Mr Duggan suggested that they must “run their cars on biofuel and live in the Outer Hebrides ” .

Previous research by Egg revealed that 34 per cent of people drive dangerously when angry resulting in more accidents and possibly higher car insurance premiums.

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