Fuel poverty rife in the UK

New research suggests that there are stark contrasts in fuel poverty levels throughout the UK, with some areas almost double that of others.

The research has revealed that 27% of households in the UK suffer from fuel poverty, with some regions far worse off than others.

Households that are said to suffer from fuel poverty are those that spend 10% or more of their monthly income on energy bills, something which 6.7 million UK households currently do.

The research, carried out by price comparison site uSwitch, found that Wales is the most fuel impoverished region.
Almost a third of households suffer from fuel poverty in Wales. This number is closely followed by the east of England, with 31% of households in this region in fuel poverty.

“There is now real urgency for the Government to deliver on fuel poverty and to act quickly to alleviate the misery being faced by those who cannot afford to heat their homes,î said Ann Robinson, Director of Consumer Policy at uSwitch.

ìBut, in the meantime, households have to start protecting themselves and there are two key steps to this: pay the lowest possible price for your energy and learn to use less of it.î

One of the key findings from the research is the difference in fuel poverty rates in different parts of the country.

While Wales has the highest rates, at 32%, only 16% of households in London are affected by fuel poverty.
The research has also found that gas and electricity prices have been increasing rapidly, driving even more households into fuel poverty.

Household energy bills have rocketed recently, rising by 96% in the last five years. The average energy bill for UK households has gone up by an average of £633 to £1,293 per year.

Ms Robinson added: “Rocketing energy prices mean that no area of the UK is safe from the clutches of fuel poverty. The fuel poor can be found in all types of households and in all parts of the country.î

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