Four Million playing a ëgame of chanceí with home insurance

Almost four million people have confessed that it would take a stranger breaking into their home for them to consider applying for home insurance.

The shocking research by the Post Office found that over 11 million people do not even have home contents insurance.

The idea of being burgled is the only thing which would prompt a re-think.

34% of those without insurance said they would only consider taking out a policy if their items were actually stolen.

A fifth (18%) of people said that the idea of a family member or friend being burgled would potentially motivate them to alter their position on home insurance.

14% of people felt they could be persuaded to purchase home insurance by reports of crime in their local area.

During these difficult financial times, a quarter of people believe that insurance is too expensive. One in five of those without insurance feel they do not need any form of protection in place, and one in ten consider it to be a waste of money.

Despite this, 29% of people without insurance say they are worried about not having any cover.

Women are more concerned about their possessions than men, with the figure rising to 33% for fretting females.

Laptops and computers are other gadgets which are considered a high priority for many. Almost half of those questioned (46%) also said they would take out insurance on an iPhone or other smartphones they owned.

Post Office head of Home Insurance Gerry Barrett said; “Anyone who waits until they or someone they know is burgled is playing a game of chance with their possessions. It’s not just opportunistic burglars that people need to protect your valuables from, but also hazards such as fires, floods or other accidental damage.”

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