FOS concerned at complaints

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is reportedly concerned at an increasing number of complaints it is receiving about banks and building societies.

FOS spokesman David Cresswell raised the issue on BBC Two programme Working Lunch .

One viewer complained that her bank had closed her current account in the wake of her successful claim for a refund of excessive charges.

Mr Cresswell said that any case where there was an “obvious” link between consumer action and the closing of an account would “most concern the ombudsman”.

And he added that customers have a legal right to complain that should not be undermined by bank action that makes them feel “intimidated”.

However, he did qualify that statement by saying that in some circumstances, the bank may feel that the relationship with the customer has entirely broken down.

Bank and building society charges came under inspection from the Office of Fair Trading last year amid mounting consumer complaints.

A increasing number of mediums are urging customers to reclaim any bank charges they have paid in the past six years, with several websites offering step-step instructions.

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