Forgotten pins needling the elderly

Chip and pin is causing havoc for the elderly, according to new research.

A report from the Daily Mail group says that the new technology is proving to be a nightmare for pensioners because they have difficulty remembering their pin numbers.

The personal identification numbers (pin) on credit and debit cards have been introduced along with a microchip in order to make transactions more secure, but elderly people prefer to continue to sign for goods and services.

Help the Aged officer David Sinclair said he wanted new pensioner-friendly transactions to be adopted: “We would like to see an amendment to the banking code to force banks to offer information on chip and signature.”

But Ruth Barker at the Post Office, which has been criticised for its stance, said: “We train counter staff fully at all branches on how to help people with the chip and pin machines and the majority of customers are very happy with the new system.”

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