Football fans set to spend an estimated £624 each during a two day visit to Moscow for UEFA Champions League Cup Final

Sainsbury’s advises travellers that not all money services are the same and to shop around for maximum benefits
Sainsbury’s Finance estimates that fans visiting Moscow for the UEFA Champions League Cup Final on Wednesday will need spending money of around £624 each(1). Over half of this will go on the cost of a hotel room.

Sainsbury’s Finance, which offers a travel money service that provides commission free foreign money, estimates that British football fans will take as much as 1.858 billion rubles or £40 million(2) with them when they visit Moscow for the final.

Expense cost(1)
Taxi from airport to hotel £41
Hotel room and breakfast for two nights £318
Four meals plus alcohol £89
Eight soft drinks £8
10 local beers £15
Eight coffees £12
Taxi from hotel to airport £41
Miscellaneous £100

The bank warns travellers and fans that not all providers are the same and that they should shop around to benefit from competitive exchange rates as well as a comprehensive service. Sainsbury’s Finance Travel Money, provided by Travelex offers a range of benefits including commission free foreign currency and travellers cheques.

Sainsbury’s Finance offers very competitive exchange rates and travellers cheques that are lost or stolen are refunded or replaced within 24 hours. Next-day delivery to a customer’s billing address is by fully insured registered post.

To find out more about Sainsbury’s Travel Money log onto Or call 0845 30 12 724

(1) Based on data from Russland Journal and Mercer Human Resources Consulting and Google currency conversion service. On 19th May 2008, one pound sterling was worth around 46.454 rubles.
(2) Based on an estimated 40,000 British fans visiting Moscow for the final each taking £1,000 with them.

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