Follow the paper trail to keep your car insurance valid

Keeping all those documents and paying all those bills related to your car is hard work and not much fun. But they’re all critical and if you don’t keep up the paper trail on one of several you could find your car insurance is invalidated.

So to check you’re on the straight and narrow – and to make sure you can claim on your car insurance policy if things go awry – read some of MoneyExpert’s pointers below.

M.O.T. – what is it good for?

M.O.T. stands for Ministry of Transport test and will examine your car to insure that it is road worthy and hence insurable.

The test itself is the same wherever you get it done and looks at everything for your car’s lights to tyres to steering to seatbelts and breaks.

The cost of an M.O.T is dependent on the type of car you own and will set you back around £27 for a small car while a top of the range sports car may cost£60 or more. The chances are that your local garage will be able to perform the service for you. Once they are satisfied that your car passes the test you will be issued with a certificate which you will need as part of your insurance documentation.

Skipping the test

If you don’t have an up-date M.O.T., if you lie about it or if you forget to update it, your car insurance policy could be left void. Which means if you are involved in an incident you could face hefty costs with nowhere to turn.

Nobody likes tests, particularly ones you have to pay for, but driving a car without an M.O.T could leave you in hot water with both your insurer and the police if you are involved in an accident. You could find yourself looking at a hefty fine, penalty points and in extreme cases jail if you are found to have driven a car unfit for the road.

Penalty points

Getting caught without your licence, MOT, insurance or road tax could add penalty points to your licence and land you with a fine or even get you in trouble with the police, all of which is likely to add to the already high cost of driving, estimated at as much as over £2600 a year on an average car.

6 little points

If you want to keep insurance costs to a minimum then avoid penalty points at all costs. A recent study discovered that two speeding offences could increase the cost of your insurance by as much as 25% while nine points could mean you pay double the amount you would with a clean licence.

Master the system

To make sure you get that your car insurance covers you it’s important that you have the proper documentation. Once you’ve got this in place you can go in search of an insurance bargain most of which are found online. Fill out the forms as accurately as you can, this way insurers will be able to fairly assess your insurance needs. This process may sound like a hassle but MoneyExpert has discovered that almost 6 million of us switched insurance last year highlighting the fact that it’s not as difficult as it may seem. Click here to compare car insurance in seconds.

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