Fog could be dangerous for drivers, says RIAS

Over 50s insurance provider RIAS warns drivers of the perils associated with the increase of fog forecast this month.

The company says that fog, caused by high-pressure systems over Britain, reduces visibility when driving.

It is important to use fog lights and keep a safe distance between cars, claims RIAS. It also advises to slow down and make sure windscreen wipers and demisters are working.

“Driving in busy traffic on a clear day is challenging enough, but you should be extra careful when driving in fog as visibility can seriously deteriorate in a matter of minutes – or metres,” says managing director of RIAS Janet Connor.

Churchill car insurance claims that there is a 15 per cent increase in car accidents during the winter. It attributes the figures to a combination of long dark evenings and reduced visibility from fog, mist, floods and ice.

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