Floody mess

Floody mess

With river levels rising and more rain forecast thousands of households and businesses are bracing themselves for a repeat of last year’s flooding. The deluges which struck large parts of the country in the summer are estimated to have caused £3 billion worth of damage, with the average claim coming in at £30,000. If you’re concerned about your insurance cover then read on for some insurance tips.


If you’ve bought your own property then you should have two forms of insurance, contents and building. If you’re a tenant then you will just need contents insurance, your landlord should take care of the rest.

Building’s insurance

There are just over 200 policies available so there’s no shortage of choice but when you’re choosing a policy it’s important to review the terms and small print, otherwise when it comes to making a claim you could find yourself under insured and out of pocket.

For example if you have property has been left empty for more than a month then it may not be covered.

Check that your insurer has an emergency helpline which you can call if flooding strikes, a surprising number of insurers don’t and if the floodwaters start seeping under your door you’ll want to speak to somebody quickly.

If you’re a landlord and your tenants have to move out because of flooding, check that your policy will cover the loss of rent.

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Contents insurance

The average contents insurance policy’s minimum pay out on a standard house is around £15,000 which is enough to cover most robberies but with flooding the damage costs could be much higher so check what the maximum payout is. In most cases the maximum payout will be around £100,000 which should be enough for most people, but if you’re not sure then it could be worth opting for a more expensive policy which will give you piece of mind.

Remember that your contents insurance needs to cover property in your garage or shed so check that the cover of these building is sufficient. Some policies will only insure up to £500 for contents stored outside of your house. This might not be enough to cover an expensive bike or even lawnmower.

The price of contents insurance policies are said to have risen around ten per in areas which have been effected by recent flooding so it’ll pay to shop around to find the most competitive deal.

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Two million of the UK’s twenty four million properties are thought to lie on flood plains and 400,000 are said to be at serious risk. Last summer insurance companies received hundreds of calls from people desperately and unsuccessfully trying to insure their properties as the flood waters rose around them. Don’t leave it this late, check your policy regularly and shop around to ensure you’ve got the best value policy available.

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