Flood warning over car insurance claims

Car insurance claims based on flood damage would have to hit a value of £35 million to reach the levels incurred by the summer of 2007, a provider of vehicle cover has said.

Esure stated that this figure was paid out to those who suffered when major inundation occurred in places like Hull and the Severn Valley two years ago.

However, car drivers who may face problems with the floods occuring place at present may benefit from taking measures to keep their vehicles away from the likelihood of such damage, according to the firm’s head of risk and underwriting Mike Pickard.

He stated: “It sounds simplistic to say ‘don’t drive into water’ – but observing that warning could save drivers from the hassle and inconvenience of a flooded car that might have to be written off.”

Such a tip might be useful for those living in places such as Cumbria, which has been badly hit after heavy rainfall this week.

Policeman Bill Barker died after being swept away as he directed motorists off a bridge in the county, it has been revealed.

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