FirstRungNow: First-time buyers need to look at all mortgage options

It is important to assess the full range available before choosing a mortgage for the first time, says FirstRungNow.

“First-time buyers need to look at all the different options; that’s why we recommend people speak to brokers or advisers, to look at the whole market, not just one [product],” said Helen Adams, managing director of FirstRungNow.

“Everybody’s got a different situation,” she added.

She said that fixed-rate, 100 per cent and shared equity mortgages can be right for some people – but not others – and also that spreading repayments can be a “good idea”.

According to the Financial Times house price index, the average house costs £225,826 and the national average salary is £23,600 which is a ratio of 9.6 to one.

In the pre-Budget report, the chancellor spoke of plans to help mortgage providers offer more fixed-rate mortgages for ten-year periods or longer. The interest on these products is not affected by any changes to the Bank of England’s base rate for the duration of the fixed period.

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