First-time buyers “need help from parents”

More than a third of first-time buyers say that they could not get on the housing ladder without financial help from their parents.

And 31 per cent anticipate some form of fiscal input from their parents when the time comes for them to make their first purchase.

The findings emerged following a survey undertaken by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML), a trade body that represents the majority of mortgage lenders operating in the UK.

A quarter of respondents who already owned their own homes said that it would not have been possible for them to buy without help from their parents.

CML head of research Bob Pannell said: “Over the past few years, parents have already been providing significant help to younger home-buyers, and there is uncertainty about whether they can do even more.”

Recently, lenders have reacted to ever-increasing house prices by upping the salary multiples of their mortgage products.

It is now possible in some cases for borrowers to obtain either a 100 per cent loan-value mortgage, or obtain a sum four or five times their current salary.

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