Fingerprint payment tested in UK

Payment by fingerprint is being tested in the UK, with a view to a national rollout of the system if trials prove to be successful.

Pay By Touch is designed to enhance security when paying by credit and debit card at retail outlets.

A fingerprint scanner verifies the customer’s identity and brings up a list of their cards. The customer then selects a card and enters the relevant pin number into the machine.

The process takes about ten seconds and is being praised for eliminating the scramble to find cards in bags and wallets, while at the same time offering the security of fingerprint identification.

The UK trial will begin in three co-op stores in Oxford in December and then extend to Swindon and Gloucester.

The system has already been adopted in 1,000 stores across the US and has been hailed with reducing fraud and speeding up checkout times.

The US firm which has been promoting Pay By Touch in the US for three years hopes that the system will soon be used across the UK.

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